Srinivasa Thota, MD



Srinivasa Thota, MD Evansville, IN (East Side) June 2, 2021

If I could give this Dr more stars I definitely would. For 4 years I have experienced the worst crippling pain in my hands & fingers . I could work with bent fingers but the pain was unbearable. Because of the location where the leads from the stimulator had to go made it a very nerve racking & difficult procedure & honestly I’m sure he felt discouraged not because he didn’t want to help but because it was more difficult than most . Not only was the procedure a success but has already been completely life changing. The little things we take for granted like being able to open the palms of my hands to actually feel my precious grandsons skin as I rub lotion on him or pet my animals with my open hand instead of my knuckles. God really blessed me not only with a gifted surgeon but a caring & compassionate one that came over on his own timec& sat with me an hour & 45 minutes. This is why Dr.s take an oath to help someone have the best quality of life they can . Dr Thoda has given me back so much including the little things myself & most take for granted. I would have been thrilled just for pain relief but I got so much more . Thank you God for sending me this surgeon into my life . I am eternally grateful. & by the way I’m just a normal everyday not super educated person but I don’t lie … people’s lives are at stake !!! ______